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Mastercard debit cards allow you a wide range of services. You can use them at ATMs and terminals of domestic and foreign merchants, as well as at all online sales points. Debit cards provide simple and fast financial management and control and are issued with Starter and Progressive packages of current accounts.

Manage your Mastercard debit card easily:

  • Add this card to the Google or Apple Wallet and activate Google Pay or Apple Pay service
  • Select or change your PIN in the app
  • Activate, block or replace your Mastercard 24/7 through the app
  • Enjoy safe online shopping and pay for goods and services at POS terminals in the country and abroad
  • Your transactions are completely safe, thanks to the most advanced protection technology: 3D Secure, Chip-and-PIN
  • Use the benefits of contactless payment in the country and abroad
  • Use numerous options to control spending and monitor the status of all transactions in real time