Exchange office in your phone

Yettel Bank offers you very attractive rates for exchanging money in a mobile or internet application.


Zemlja Valuta Paritet Kupovni kurs Srednji kurs Prodajni kurs
EU EUR 1 115.0500 117.0365 119.0500
SAD USD 1 103.6720 107.4321 111.1922

The exchange rate of the euro, as the most represented currency in Serbia, is updated in real time, in accordance with the movements on the foreign exchange market. Through the Internet and mobile application, it is possible to buy or sell currencies at attractive exchange rates on the market.

Zemlja Valuta Paritet Kupovni devize Kupovni efektiva Srednji kurs Prodajni devize Prodajni efektiva
EU EUR 1 114.3447 114.3447 117.0365 119.7283 119.7283
SAD USD 1 103.6720 103.6720 107.4321 111.1922 111.1922