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Money available 24/7

Find the nearest ATM in the app, because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember your choices

Our ATMs remember your most frequent choices and shorten the time for entering your PIN, selecting a deposit/withdrawal, and the amount you withdraw.

Contactless withdrawal of money

Just touch the card to the marked place and make the desired transaction.

Euros at the ATM

Our ATMs also pay out euros. Before withdrawing, you can exchange money in the application at the exchange rate, almost like an exchange office.

ATM limits

During withdrawal

Basic limits are assigned to users when opening a payment account and it is RSD 100,000 per day, or RSD 600,000 per month. 

You can change these limits in your application, to amounts up to a maximum of 600,000 RSD per day, or 1,000,000 RSD per month. For cash payments using a payment card in euros, the same values ​​are used, but converted to EUR, according to the Bank’s exchange rate. 

When it comes to the limit per transaction, it is determined by the ATM’s ability to pay out a maximum of 99 banknotes, which means that the limit per transaction can be a maximum of RSD 198,000, i.e. EUR 4,950, with daily limits previously set in the application to these amounts.

When making a payment

Payment can be made in RSD or EUR currency. It is not possible to combine currencies in one payment transaction.

When it comes to dinars, the Bank supports all denominations except RSD 10 and RSD 20, while all denominations are supported for the EUR currency. Our advice is to make larger payments in higher denominations.

The daily payment limit is RSD 1,500,000.