Pay your bills
in just one click

Register quickly, easily and without going to the bank, and pay bills online in one click.
It’s up to you whether you want to postpone the payment or make it with just one click.
Payment of Yettel postpaid monthly bills is free of charge.

Click account can be activated for the following publishers:

  • Yettel Serbia
  • JKP Infostan
  • Informatika JP Novi Sad
  • SBB Total TV
  • Sava Life Insurance
  • Belgrade Electric Distribution
  • Novi Sad Electric Distribution
  • Subotica Electric Distribution
  • Pančevo Electric Distribution
  • Kraljevo Electric Distribution
  • Kruševac Electric Distribution
  • Čačak Electric Distribution

Charitable payments to UNICEF

Predefined amounts for both services are 100, 200 and 500 RSD. When signing up, use your current account number as the bill code. Bills on click can be settled from the 5th to 30th of each month, while standing orders are generated on the 30th of the month.