Send money abroad

It is possible to send money through the application to all countries and in all currencies supported by our Bank’s multi-currency account – EUR and USD.

Make payment in 5 steps:

  1. You can send money through the Bank’s application on the path Payment/Pay to a person or Legal entity/Foreign currency payment. First, choose whether you are making the payment to a foreign currency account in the country or abroad.
  2. When filling out an order for foreign currency payment, you need to enter the recipient’s account number in international format (IBAN*) and SWIFT at the recipient’s bank. If the SWIFT code is correct, the recipient’s bank details (address, name and country of the bank) will be filled in automatically.
    *It is also possible to enter an account format that does not belong to the EU international standard for bank account numbering (IBAN).
  3. In the “Fees” section, you can choose one of three options: “BEN” – costs are borne entirely by the recipient, the recipient receives a remittance minus the amount of the costs
    “OUR” – sender bears all shipping costs or
    “SHA” – the sender shares the costs of sending with the recipient of the payment SHA costs imply that all correspondent banks in a row will collect their costs and thereby reduce the amount that the recipient of the payment will receive.
    This cost is solely dependent on the sender choosing one of the two options listed above.
  4. Depending on the selected payment code, you will be shown which documentation you need to submit to justify the payment. You can attach documents as an image or a PDF file (maximum file size is 8MB).
  5. The execution of orders usually takes from 1 to 3 days, except in cases of non-working days or a larger number of correspondent banks between the sender’s bank and the recipient’s bank. From the moment of sending to the moment of receiving the money, it mostly depends on the foreign bank to which the money is sent (the recipient’s bank).

After the payment has been made, as proof of payment you can download the confirmation (SWIFT) in the application, by selecting the completed transaction.

For more detailed instructions, click HERE.

The commission for foreign currency payment is defined in the Tariff, and when paying, you need to provide the amount of the commission in the currency in which you make the payment.

Detailed information on the amount of costs and fees charged when sending money abroad can be found on the website of the National Bank of Serbia.

Examples of required documentation

Examples of required documentation

Sending to foreign currency account abroad

*Payments to individuals abroad in the form of gifts up to 10,000 EUR per month are allowed by law with code 767 (gifts and aid) without the need for documentation.
** According to the Insurance Act (Article 274), only risks that cannot be insured in Serbia may be (re)insured with a foreign company.

Sending to a foreign currency account domestically