Recieve money
from abroad

You can receive funds from abroad to a foreign currency current account in euros or other foreign currencies in just a few steps:

Send instructions for foreign currency payments to the money sender

When you receive the payment notification, if necessary, attach the requested document

Withdraw money in euros at our ATMs

What is required to receive money from abroad?

  • 1

    You need to have an open payment account in our Bank, but the sender does not have to.

  • 2

    The sender should receive an Instruction for foreign currency payments.

  • 3

    It is necessary to attach additional documentation through the application in the case of:
    · when it is not possible to determine the basis of payment from the inflow data
    · when documentation is necessary due to regulations

Payment instruction

  • When opening a payment account, all Yettel Bank users received an Instruction for foreign currency payments as part of the documentation. The instruction lists the correspondents of our Bank abroad for different payment currencies as well as the IBAN of the beneficiary of the inflow.

  • If the instruction is not available to the user, you can download the universal instruction at the end of this page. It is necessary to enter the name, surname, address and IBAN (International Bank Number), which is created by writing RS 35 in front of the account number.

How to receive money?

You need to send instruction to the person who is sending the money with all the information of the receiver (first name, surname, address, bank account number in IBAN format – RS35115________________ ). Also, in the field “payment datails“ it would be better to write the purpose of sending the money (to help a family member, personal transfer, etc.) because that will make elucidation of the payment easier in cases when additional documentation is not necessary.
Examples of the sender/receiver payments from abroad are listed in the chart that is following and depending on that, documentation that is necessary to enclose to make the transaction.

Useful information

We accept money from abroad exclusively in 2 foreign currencies (EUR, USD), from any part of the world; there is no limit in countries, but only a limit in the type of currency. Yettel Bank charges a fee for foreign currency inflows to the recipient from abroad in the amount of 0.5% or a minimum of 300 dinars, and a maximum of 10,000.00 dinars (the service of receiving funds from abroad to a foreign currency current account in euros or other foreign currencies), except for collections on the basis of humanitarian aid.

If the inflow of funds originates from Kosovo, it is necessary for the user to submit payment information. After submitting the data, the funds are transferred to the NBS, according to the Law on the Temporary Performance of Certain Payment Operations in the Territory of the FRY.

On the same or the next working day, NBS, depending on the moment of delivery of data on collection from Kosovo, makes a payment of the dinar equivalent to our Bank, at the NBS buying rate on the day of realization of the transaction. Upon receipt of dinar funds from the NBS, they are approved in favor of the user’s account.

Download Statement for inflow of money from abroad (PDF) Download the INSTRUCTION for foreign currency payments (valid from 1/10/2021) (PDF)