It is issued free of charge upon opening a payment account

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DinaCard debit card is the national payment card of the Republic of Serbia, which is used to pay for goods and services, as well as to withdraw cash within the domestic payment system. The card can be used to pay via mobile phone, pay online at local merchants and pay directly at the Treasury Department counters. Issuing a DinaCard is free of charge, and can only be used in Serbia.


Manage our Bank’s DinaCard simply:

  • Change your PIN in the app
  • You can see the details of the payment card in the mobile and internet application.
  • Set limits on the number and amount of transactions on a daily or monthly level per spending channel.
  • Enable or disable consumption channels: ATM, points of sale and internet.
  • Block your DinaCard 24/7 via the app.
  • Unblock or replace the card in case of theft or loss through the application or by calling the Contact Center at 063/9005.