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The simplest and fastest solution for overcoming temporary or occasional funds shortage!

With this option, you have the ability to use funds that you currently do not have in your account, within the approved overdraft limit granted by the Bank.

The interest rate is fixed and is calculated only on the utilized portion of the overdraft and for the number of days you use the funds.


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    The collected data of the user will be used exclusively for the purpose of calling for additional information in the pre-contractual phase about the conditions of Yettel Bank products.

    Useful information

    Product features

    To apply for an overdraft, you need to have a current account in our Bank, without a monthly account maintenance fee and without a fee for issuing a debit card. Overdraft is also available to Progresiv and Starter account users.

    The maximum amount of the allowed overdraft can be approved in amount of the salary/pension customer had transferred on Yettel Bank account. Additionally, the overdraft amount will be diminished for the amount of overdraft in another bank.

    In the case of unauthorized overdraft (the amount of money you use out of the contract defined overdraft), the bank will calculate the default interest defined in contract, in the annual amount of 41,63%.

    Who Can Apply?

    • Full-time employee except for owners of entrepreneurial firms
    • Employees with fixed term contract that have ,,Temporary work contract“ for the next 7 months (minimum). For employees with fixed term contract, the validity period of the overdraft ends one month before the expiration of the fixed term employment contract.
    • Pensioners

    Preconditions for applying are:

    • An active payment account in our Bank, with no monthly fee for account maintenance, and no fee for issuing a debit payment card. The allowed overdraft is available to users of Progressive and Starter accounts.
    • Minimum employment duration – 3 months
    • Regular monthly income/pension of at least amount of 20.000 RSD
    • Income receipt of salary/pension or part of salary/pension over Yettel Bank**By “income receipt,” we mean that the user earns regular income under an employment contract. Temporary or intermittent employment, as well as other types of employment and contracts that do not represent regular income, are not acceptable.

    Required Documentation

    Employees who receive a salary or part of a salary in our Bank

    If you receive your full salary or part of your salary (minimum 20,000 RSD per month), and the company you work for has 12 months of business continuity, you do not need documentation for a loan amount of up to 1,000,000 RSD.

    Documentation from the employer is not required for loan approval up to RSD 600,000, for amounts over RSD 600,000 you need to visit us and sign the contract.

    Full-time employees

    • Monthly bank statements from the account where you receive your salary for the last 3 months in PDF format, showing the last three deposited salaries. Statements are usually received via email or can be downloaded through online or mobile banking, or
    • Certificate of employment and income issued in electronic form and signed with a digital certificate by the employer, or
    • Certificate of electronic delivery obtained through the eGovernment portal.


    Usage Method

    Overdraft is used when you exhaust all the funds in your dinar current account. In case you also exhaust that allowed amount, funds in other currencies you hold will be utilized.

    Representative Example

    * Effective interest rate calculated on 1.10.2021.