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During the review of any page on, certain information may be saved via “cookies” in the visitor’s internet browser. This page provides detailed information on the use of cookies, cookie management methods, and how Yettel Bank uses cookies. When visiting our website, you can select the cookies you want to accept, as well as view the name of the cookie, the source of the cookie, its description, duration and the type we use.

What are “cookies”?

A cookie is a small file that is stored in the memory of the browser you use when you access certain Internet pages, via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

A cookie can help to deliver a customized website experience to the visitor – for example in terms of language selection, font size and other display features. Cookies contribute to a better user experience and better functionality of the pages. Cookies can, for example, track which parts of the website visitors visit (statistically) or help measure the effectiveness of ads (marketing). Based on this information, it is possible to improve communication and products.

What cookies do we use and why?

Yettel Bank uses necessary, analytical (statistical) and target group (marketing) cookies.

Necessary cookies ensure the correct operation of websites and basic functions such as navigation between pages and access to protected parts of the site. You can block these cookies in your browser or set your browser to warn you about them, but in this case some parts of our site may not work properly.

These cookies do not identify you as an individual.

Statistical or analytical cookies help us understand how visitors use our site, and thus allow us to improve its operation. They collect information about the way the site is used in the form of anonymous reports. They are not necessary for the proper operation of the site. These cookies make it possible to measure and improve the performance of Internet pages and tell us which pages are visited more and which less, as well as how visitors move around the page. These are persistent cookies and will remain stored on your computer or device until you delete them or until they expire.

These cookies can identify you as an individual, either alone or in combination with other data.

Marketing or targeting cookies work by uniquely identifying your browser on your device. They are set by our advertising partners (Meta Platforms, Inc. Google, Linkedin, Strong Media Network, etc.), which we can change as needed. They are used to display relevant material that could be of interest to the user on the website itself, on multimedia advertising networks, as well as through the use of remarketing. Using these cookies, third-party vendors serve ads to locations across the Internet. These are persistent cookies and will remain stored on your device’s browser until you delete them or until they expire.

Most types of these cookies track site visitors through their device ID or IP address, and therefore may collect personal information.

You can view the privacy policies of the platforms at the following links:

How can you disable cookies?

At the time of visiting the website, the visitor has the option not to accept cookies that are not necessary for the functioning of the website.

If you wish, you can disable the saving of cookies on your computer later. Please note that blocking necessary cookies could have a negative impact on the use of many websites, including our site.

Cookie settings can also be controlled and configured in your internet browser. If you want to delete and disable them, you need to update your internet browser settings.

In your Internet browser, these settings are usually found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu. The links below may be helpful if you want to better understand the settings. Or, for additional information, you should use the “Help” option in your Internet browser.

Cookie settings – Internet Explorer
Cookie settings – Firefox
Cookie settings – Chrome
Cookie settings – Safari

You can find more information at the following addresses:

Yettel Bank excludes any responsibility for any loss of service functionality and quality of content on Yettel Bank user pages in all cases when the user does not accept or subsequently delete cookies that are necessary for the site to function.

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