Sight deposits in euros

Start saving quickly, easily and completely online.

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The money will always be available to you, while at the same time you will be able to save and increase your foreign currency savings every month, with a total interest rate of 0.42%.

Open an ccount completely online and start saving in euros at your own pace, because there is no minimum or maximum amount of savings.


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    If you do not have a current account with Yettel Bank — visit the Yettel shop or our branch, open a Lite account (free of charge) and start saving.

    If you have a current account — simply open your savings account online.

    5 Reasons for Sight Deposits?

    • Your money is always available, and you can transfer funds from your savings to your current account at any time. 
    • There is no minimum, nor maximum amount that can be deposited. 
    • You can have more than one savings account. 
    • Interest is calculated and credited at the end of each month or at the time of interruption of savings, whereby the money is transferred to the current account, noting that no tax is paid on the income from interest on savings in RSD.
    • The condition for opening a sight deposit account is an active current account with our Bank (it is enough to have a Lite account that is free of charge), as well as an active (mobile or web) Yettel Bank application that you will use to activate the savings account.

    Example of foreign currency demand savings without change of principal for 12 months

    Note: The example is done on the assumption that the money was deposited into the term savings account on February 5, 2024. year, according to the interest rates listed in the example.

    We participate in the mandatory deposit insurance system established in the Republic of Serbia.