Complaints Service

An objection to the Bank’s work can be sent in writing in several ways:

An employee of the Bank will receive a complaint in any room where the Bank provides services, and after that will issue a certificate of receipt of the complaint, which contains the place and time of receipt, as well as the name of the employee who received the complaint.

The bank is obliged to submit a written response no later than 15 days after receiving the complaint. If the Bank, for reasons beyond its control, is unable to provide an answer within 15 days, that deadline may be extended by a maximum of an additional 15 days, of which the Bank will inform the user.

If the Bank assesses that the complaint is founded, it will inform the user whether the reasons for the complaint have been removed, or about the deadline and plans for resolving them. If the Bank considers that the complaint is unfounded, it will notify the user with an adequate explanation.

If the user is unsatisfied with the Bank’s response or if the response was not delivered within the legal deadline, the user has the right to file a complaint with the National Bank of Serbia within 6 months. Complaints are submitted to the Sector for the Protection of Financial Services Users by mail to the address Nemanjina 17 or PO 712, 11000 Belgrade or through the website of the National Bank of Serbia, which can be accessed on the home page by clicking on the text Submit a complaint/objection to the work of a financial service provider.

There is no charge for processing user complaints.

If the user is not satisfied with the Bank’s response to the complaint or the response is not delivered within 15 (exceptionally 30) days, the disputed relationship based on the complaint can be resolved in the mediation procedure that is initiated at the proposal of one party and by accepting the proposal to initiate the procedure of the other party. The mediation procedure is carried out by employees of the National Bank of Serbia or other bodies or persons competent for mediation.

The bank is not obliged to respond to verbal complaints.

Regulations regarding user complaints:

  • Law on the Protection of Users of Financial Services
  • Decision on the procedure for objections and complaints of users of financial services of the National Bank of Serbia
  • Decision on the objection and complaint procedure of the legal entity of the National Bank of Serbia

If the situation in question has not been resolved in a conversation with the Contact Center (0639005) or by e-mail, an official complaint about the actions of our Bank can be submitted here. Before filing a complaint, we would like to ask you to familiarize yourself with the instructions for filing a complaint in this way.

  • An objection can be filed within three years from the day when it is considered that a violation of a right or legal interest has been committed
  • It is mandatory to complete the first four fields with personal data, then to verify/confirm the email address entered in this form, in order to continue the process of submitting a complaint. The duration of the email address verification link is 1 hour. After the expiration of this time, a new process of filing a complaint must be started.
  • Yettel Bank users will receive an answer to the complaint to the email address registered for contact with the Bank. For those who are not Yettel Bank users, the answer will be delivered to the email address specified in the form, and then verified.
  • It is mandatory to enter the content of the complaint in the “Message” field with a maximum number of 5000 characters.
  • Only supporting information and/or documentation related to the main complaint with a maximum size of up to 4 MB can be submitted as an attachment to the complaint.

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