Google Pay

Your device – your payment card!

Safety comes first

Card data is not exchanged at any time during the transaction. The whole process is fully protected and safe.

Pay simply with your phone

It is enough just to touch the device you are using to pay, it is not necessary to enter the PIN.

Available almost everywhere

You can pay with a digitized card, using the Google Wallet application, wherever there is a sign for contactless payment.


  • To use the Google Pay option, you need an open current account in our Bank.
  • You can use Google Pay if you own a device with an Android operating system (the operating system of Huawei devices is not supported). Android Lollipop version 5.0 or higher is required to be installed on the device.
  • In order for the device to be able to use the Google Pay application, it must also support NFC technology.
  • In order for the Google Pay service to work, it is necessary to set the lock of the corresponding device to one of the methods enabled on the device itself (pattern, fingerprint, PIN code, face scan, etc.).

Follow the next steps and activate the Google Pay service

  • 1

    Find the Google Wallet application on the Google Play Store, if you don't have it on your device and install it

  • 2

    Open the Google Wallet app and select the "Add card" option

  • 3

    Enter the card number, card expiry date and CVC code (found on the back of the card)

  • 4

    Accept the conditions and rules for using the functionality of digital wallets, by which you submit a request for using the functionality of a digital wallet

  • 5

    You will receive an SMS message with a one-time password (SMS OTP), which you will enter in the Google Wallet application. This password is a confirmation of your identity, so do not reveal it to others to prevent misuse

  • 6

    If you want, you can add Yettel Bank Mastercard debit and Mastercard credit cards. You only need to repeat the procedure from the beginning for entering each new card

After this, the Google Pay service is ready for use

Instructions for using the Google Pay service at points of sale

To start the payment process at compatible POS devices at points of sale, unlock the device on which the Google Pay mobile wallet is activated and then simply tap the device to the terminal.

You will see an image of the payment card on the screen. After a successful transaction, a confirmation page will appear on your screen, indicating that the payment has been made.

*If you have multiple cards in your Google Pay wallet, you need to select the card you want to use before making the payment.

If you have additional questions, see the list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find them in the list, you can contact us via the “Start a chat” option on the link , or by calling the Contact Center at 063 9005 and we will be happy to help you.

Is there a fee to use the app?

Google Pay is completely free. Daily usage limits will be equal to the limits you have set on your payment card in the Yettel Bank app. Depending on the current account package and in accordance with the Bank’s Tariff, a fee is charged for completed payments.

How secure is paying with the Google Pay app?

Google Pay is a very secure payment method because your card data is protected throughout the transaction process. The data is tokenized and each token is unique to each individual device and cannot be linked to actual card data in any way. This prevents fraud and misuse.

What steps should be taken in case of loss of the device on which my payment card was added?

If you lose a device with your payment cards added to Google Pay app, you need to contact the Bank’s Customer Service at phone number 063 9005 to have the Bank block the digital cards on that device. Blocking the token on that device by the Bank’s Customer Service does not affect the functionality of digital cards on other devices or physical card.

If you lose your physical Yettel Bank card in addition to the device with the added payment card, you can block the card temporarily/permanently through the Bank’s online app or by calling the Bank’s Contact Center, thus preventing its use through the Wallet app.

Which cards can I add to Google Pay?

Currently, you can add all Mastercard debit and credit cards issued by Yettel Bank in the Google Wallet app.

Can I deactivate the digitized card I use to pay with Google Pay?

You can deactivate the card at any time. Just select the card you want to deactivate in the Google Wallet app, then select “Remove payment method.”

Do I need network connection for payments via Google Pay?

No, you don’t. The network connection is only required when adding a card to the Google Wallet app.

Can I split the transactions made through the Google Pay application with a Yettel Bank card into installments?

If you have a Yettel Bank credit card, transactions made through the Google Pay app can be split into a maximum of 12 monthly installments. This applies to transaction amounts over 2,000 dinars.

After making a payment via the Google Pay app, installment payment can be made through the Yettel Bank app. From the Transaction list, click on the transaction you want to split into installments and select the option “Charge to credit card.” Just make sure to do this by the end of the month in which the purchase was made.

Do I need to sign an additional agreement to use the Google Pay service?

If you are a Yettel Bank payment card user, you do not need to sign a new agreement to use this service, nor is it necessary to visit our branch. Simply activate your card using the Wallet app on your device as explained in the text above.

Can I add the same payment card to several different Android devices?

You can add a card to the Wallet app on multiple or all Android devices you own (provided they meet the technical requirements for using the Google Pay service). Just complete the process of adding the card to the Wallet app on each device individually.

Can I see the history of my Google Pay transactions?

Yes, the Wallet app will display a few recent transactions made through the device you access the history of payments through Google Pay. The list of all transactions you have made is always available in the Yettel Bank online or mobile app, as well as in monthly statements.