Love to pay in installments, without interest?

Choose the device you want to buy,
and divide the purchase into interest-free installments.

Our loans for the purchase of devices offered by Yettel provide:

• Reduced your monthly subscription for the selected Yettel tariff package, with the option to purchase a phone in 12 or 24 installments;
• Device price defined according to the tariff package;
• Purchasing selected mobile phone in 12 or 24 monthly installments.

Useful information

Offer Details

Device purchase in 12 or 24 monthly instalments is available for all defined post-paid tariff packages intended for private individuals, from current Yettel offer. By purchasing a device, a customer becomes eligible for the monthly subscription discount.

The amount of discount depends on the Yettel tariff package selected by the customer.

In case of a delay in the payment of monthly installments, Yettel has the right to cancel the granted discount on the monthly subscription.

To apply for a phone loan, you need to have a current account with our bank, which may be without a monthly account maintenance fee and without a debit payment card fee, depending on the selected account package.

By paying the minimum or a higher amount of deposit in cash, by card or cheque directly at the shop, new post-paid customers may choose to pay the rest of the amount in full or only a part of it in instalments. Existing customers who meet the conditions for contract renewal can buy the device in the same way.

Early loan repayment is always available, while retaining the same number of installments with the decreased amount.

Have a look at the current Yettel device offer here.

In accordance with the Bank’s policy, a single customer may have as many parallel loans as postpaid subscriber numbers. This means that the customer can only have one active loan per postpaid number. Device purchase in installments is available to all individuals who are nationals of the Republic of Serbia, whether existing or potential customers of Yettel or Yettel Bank.

Representative examples

Device repayment in the amount of RSD 24,000.00 in 12 and 24 monthly installments:

Note: Representative example shown using Basic Bank Account.

Note: Representative example shown using a Lite account.