Instructions for sending money abroad

Sending funds abroad to a foreign currency current account in euros or other foreign currencies

Explanation of input fields:

  1. Select your place of residence.
  2. Enter the recipient’s first and last name.
  3. Enter the recipient’s address.
  4. Enter the recipient’s account number in international format – IBAN*.
    *It is possible to enter an account number format that does not conform to the EU’s international bank account number standard (IBAN).
  5. Select the recipient’s country.
  6. Enter the recipient bank’s SWIFT code. After entering the SWIFT code, the remaining recipient bank details will be automatically filled in, so just verify them.
  7. Recipient bank name.
  8. Recipient bank address.
  9. Recipient bank country.
  10. Enter the desired amount you wish to transfer.
  11. Select the currency.
  12. Choose the cost allocation method: SHA or OUR.
  13. Select the payment code. After selecting the code, you will see which type of document you need to attach to justify the payment order.
  14. Enter the purpose of the payment.
  15. Attach the required document, image, or PDF format (maximum file size is 8MB).
  16. Click Continue.
  17. On the next screen, review the entered data once again. Click Pay. A screen for entering a one-time password will appear. Enter the password* and then click Pay. A one-time password is not required on the mobile app.
  18. The final screen will display a message that the payment has been successfully initiated. The payment will be processed within 1 to 3 days, provided the attached documentation is correct.


  • If you are paying a specific amount of an invoice, we recommend choosing the OUR option for fees. By selecting SHA, you and the recipient share the fee costs, so the exact invoice amount will not be covered because the amount will be reduced by a portion of the fees.
  • For payments in the dinar equivalent exceeding 150,000 RSD, you can increase the limit in the app via the path My Bank/Personal Settings/Daily Limits up to the amount of 400,000 RSD. For larger payments, we can assist you most quickly through the chat channel.

mToken One-Time Password

Enter the 6-digit mToken one-time password and click Continue.

You can obtain the mToken one-time password on the home screen of the Bank’s mobile app, before logging in, by selecting the mToken option. Enter and confirm the PIN for the mobile app, and on the next screen, you will receive a one-time password consisting of 6 digits. The mToken is valid for 5 minutes.

SMS One-Time Password

Enter the 6-digit SMS one-time password and click Continue.

After selecting “SMS one-time password,” the Bank will automatically send a 6-digit one-time password to your mobile phone number registered with the Bank.