Take advantage of the 5+ offer

When you become a user of our Bank’s Progresiv package and transfer your earnings or part of them in the minimum amount of RSD 35,000, you get 5+ benefits with a 5+ Progresiv current account.

No charge:

  • for withdrawing money from any ATM of any bank in Serbia, at more than 3000 locations
  • for maintaining a multi-currency current account: in dinars, euros and dollars
  • for all transactions in domestic payment transactions up to RSD 300,000
  • for payment abroad with Mastercard cards of our Bank
  • for international UNIQA travel insurance for the whole family 30 days a year with an active Mastercard credit card of our Bank

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    More favorable conditions

    • for the euro exchange rate in the application exchange, for existing users in relation to the Lite and Basic packages
    • for the interest rate for refinancing loans in the case of refinancing 50% or more of liabilities to another bank in the amount of over RSD 1,000,000
    • for credit card interest rate
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    Account details

    Without a monthly fee for maintaining a payment account in RSD and the EUR, the Progresiv payment account provides you with a range of services also without a fee, or with a minimal fee.

    All benefits related to our Bank are unlimited in time, as long as you receive all or part of your earnings in our Bank in the minimum amount of RSD 35,000, you are a user of our Progresiv package and you have an active 5+ Progresiv current account.

    Solve your banking obligations on the fly, when and where you want, because our mobile bank is always and everywhere with you. Our advisers at more than 50 locations in the country are at your disposal, who can help you open a 5+ Progresiv current account. We are here, so you don’t have to think about everything.

    The absence of one salary does not automatically mean the loss of benefits.