When something good becomes even better,

Transfer earnings or part of earnings in the minimum amount of 35,000 RSD to our Bank and enjoy special Progresiv+ benefits with a monthly fee of 400 RSD.

Why should I become a progresiv+ user?

There are several reasons:

Cash withdrawal at ATMs of all banks in the country without commission

Every ATM is yours! With Progresiv+, you can withdraw cash an unlimited number of times from ATMs of all banks in the country free of charge!

International travel insurance

As a Progresiv+ user with an active credit card, you have free UNIQA insurance for yourself and your immediate family members 30 days a year, all over the world.

More favorable interest

As a Progresiv+ user, you have a more favorable interest rate on the allowed overdraft, compared to Starter and Lite account users.

Favorable exchange rate in the online exchange

You don't have to look for exchange offices around town, when you have a very affordable one in your pocket! With the Progresiv+ benefits in the application, exchange money at a favorable exchange rate, compared to Starter and Lite account users.

How do I become a Progresiv+ user?

Step 1.

Become a Progresiv user.

If you are not yet a Yettel Bank user, open a Progresiv account. If you use a STARTER or BASIC account, submit a request to switch to Progresiv within the internet or mobile application.

If you are already a Progresiv user, but you still do not receive a salary in our Bank, go to Step 2.

Step 2.

Transfer all or part of the earnings to Yettel Bank

The request for the transfer of all or part of the salary is submitted to the accounting department within your company. It is enough to provide the number of the current account opened in our Bank and, upon request, define the percentage or fixed amount of earnings that you want to receive in our Bank. You can see the account number opened in our Bank on your debit card, on the Bank’s mobile or internet application in the My Accounts section or in the Agreement on opening and maintaining a current account.

After the recorded payment of the first salary in the amount of more than 35,000 dinars, you automatically become a user of the Progresiv+ package and from the next day you can already enjoy all its benefits.

If you stop using the Progresiv package and/or miss two monthly earnings* within three months in the amount of at least 35,000 RSD per earnings, through the account in our Bank, the benefits of the Progresiv+ package cease to apply.

*Monthly earnings means receiving earnings through an account in our Bank during one calendar month.



Without a monthly fee for maintaining a payment account in RSD and the EU, the Progresiv payment account provides you with a range of services also without a fee, or with a minimal fee.

All benefits related to our Bank are unlimited in time, as long as you receive all or part of your earnings in our Bank in the minimum amount of RSD 35,000, you are a user of our Progresiv package and you have an active 5+ Progresiv current account.

Solve your banking obligations on the fly, when and where you want, because our mobile bank is always and everywhere with you. Our advisers at more than 50 locations in the country are at your disposal, who can help you open a 5+ Progresiv current account. We are here, so you don’t have to think about everything

The absence of one wage does not automatically mean the loss of benefits.