Yettel Bank is here!

Mobi Banka is now Yettel Bank, and through several waves of innovation in the coming period, we will change the financial experience and the digital world we are creating together.

Why Yettel Bank?

Yettel Bank is tailored to you, which is why we always strive to provide unique services and products on the market.

We are your true partner in digital banking. We are part of the Yettel family. We share the name because we share the mission – adapting technology and banking to you. Smart technology is no longer the future but our everyday reality, and we bring it closer to you by using its best features.

These are our official communication channels on social media: Instagram, Facebook, X and LinkedIn.

What does that mean for you?

As our user, you don’t have to do anything and you can continue to enjoy our services without interruption. It is important to emphasize:

  • your current account number does not change,
  • issued payment cards are not changed (if you don’t want it, there will be no need to change it until the expiration date),
  • the agreed conditions for credit and/or savings products do not change,
  • the special offer for wage earners does not change,
  • the locations of our ATMs do not change (they will all remain in the same places, available for use as before),
  • the ownership structure does not change (Yettel Bank remains owned by PPF Group)

Also, in the coming period, you will still have access to Mobi Banka’s mobile and internet application for daily use. We will inform you about all new developments in a timely manner.

Why Yettel?

The world of technology is exciting, rich and beautiful. It is a space where you can explore, discover and enjoy. However, for some, it can seem quite complex and confusing. We live technology, but we love people even more.

That’s why we have joined forces to create unique Yettel brand, which brings telecommunications and banking closer to you in a simple way.

Indulge in all the benefits of digital banking now.

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