Dear customers,

In order to share the first version of the new Yettel Bank application with you as soon as possible, we will carry out the necessary system alignment during the weekend. For this reason, existing applications and certain services of the Bank will temporarily be unavailable on Saturday, June 8 from 01:00 to 09:00.

During this period, the following services will be temporarily unavailable:

  • Access to mobile and internet applications,
  • Online card payments that require a one-time password,
  • Deposits and withdrawals in euros with debit cards at our ATMs.

Available services:

  • Dina and Debit Mastercard® card – available for POS payments, as well as deposits and withdrawals in dinars at Mobi Banka ATMs and withdrawals at ATMs of other banks,
  • Mastercard® credit card – available for POS payments, as well as money withdrawal at all ATMs in the country,
  • IPS inflows will be available from 5 am.

Additionally, as part of the ongoing harmonization of the existing and new Yettel Bank applications, in the coming period you can expect occasional, shorter unavailability of the existing applications. As usual, we will try to organize the planned works on weekends during the night, so as not to disturb your activities and plans.

We look forward to sharing our new app with you soon. We continue to adapt technology and banking to people, and create state-of-the-art solutions for you, with which you will perform all your banking tasks on the fly, even faster and simpler.

Thank you for your understanding.

Always there,

Yettel Bank