Notification about fake survey on social media

Dear Users,

A fake profile has appeared on social media using the name and logo of Mobi Banka, inviting users to fill out a fraudulent survey on an unsecured website to allegedly receive a cash prize and mobile phones as part of the bank’s 10th anniversary celebration.

For the safety of your data, please do not access this survey or provide your personal information. Additionally, we remind you not to disclose your data and credentials for accessing applications to anyone and not to save them in your browser.

If you have already accessed the website and entered your card details or provided your credentials, please immediately check the connected devices in the Mobi Banka app under My Bank/Connected Devices or in the Yettel Bank app under Settings/Manage Devices and remove any unknown devices. We also ask you to contact our Contact Center at 063/9005 as soon as possible.

Always there,
Yettel Bank