Simple and secure usage

Tips for an even better experience with payment cards.

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Here you can find various tips for easy and safe use of Yettel Bank payment cards.

Safely pay online

• When shopping online, your card PIN is not used. A request for it indicates the potential misuse of data.
• Never disclose your SMS OTP (one-time password for online payments) to anyone. It is used to authorize transactions or log in to digital wallets. The bank will never ask for this password.
• Avoid leaving your details if you do not intend to complete the transaction immediately.
• Only pay if you initiate the purchase. Be cautious of various internet scams via ads, links, and emails. Pay special attention to unusually favorable conditions and verify the authenticity of the website, as fake ones often closely resemble real ones.
• Under no circumstances photograph your card and send it to third parties, especially not the side containing all your information.

Manage your cards directly

• An additional level of protection is in your hands – You can use Yettel Bank mobile and web application to set up your payment card limits and channels for online payments.
• You can take several simple steps to turn on and off payment channels for your cards and to set up spending limits. This will give you control over your payment cards 24 hours a day, any day of the year.
• We advise you to keep the option for card payments online turned off in the application and to activate it temporarily just before payment, then turn it off again.
• You can also use the application to temporarily block your card, without visiting or calling the bank and you can reactivate it later.
• If your card is stolen or lost, we recommend that you block it permanently. You can also initiate this process through the application.

Use the advantages of Mastercard SecureCode on Internet

• SecureCode is a service based on 3D Secure standard that provides additional security for online shopping using Mastercard payment cards on web portals included in the Mastercard SecureCode programme.
• The service helps prevent unauthorised use of registered Mastercard cards when making online transactions.
• When paying at internet sales points displaying the Mastercard SecureCode logos, using your debit card will require entering a password sent via SMS to the registered phone number.
• If the password is correct, you will be successfully identified and able to continue secure shopping.

Make payments abroad easily and safely

• Pay without commission – Avoid unnecessary fees abroad! With the Progresiv package, avoid hidden costs and fees when exchanging money abroad and make all payments with our bank’s Mastercard cards.
• No need for cash – Don’t risk carrying cash across the border and searching for the first exchange office to make purchases. Bring our Mastercard card with you and pay easily, simply, securely, and – with no fees for Progresiv package users.
• 3 currencies, at any time – Wherever you travel, you can have three different currencies in your account: dinars, euros, dollars!
• Online currency exchange – While abroad, exchange your money in our application. Exchange your money into the currency of your choice at any time.