Device credit obligations yettel bank


The obligations for the device purchased with a loan from our Bank have not been settled.

We remind you that it is necessary to settle obligations on time in order to avoid the calculation of default interest.

The Bank is obliged to make available to the Credit Bureau information about irregularities in the settlement of obligations, which may lead to rejection when applying for credit products, both in our Bank and in other commercial banks in the country.

Delay and irregularity in the settlement of obligations to our Bank also results in the cancellation of the discount on the monthly subscription to the Yettel postpaid package.

Payment of obligations under the loan for the device can be made in two ways:

  • by direct payment to our bank account 908-11501-07 with a reference to the number of the loan batch
  • by payment to your own current account in our Bank

The account in our Bank is active immediately after signing the contract.

The account number can be seen in the contract, on the payment card issued with the account and in our mobile or internet application.

Payment of obligations under the loan for the device can be made in several ways:

  • by direct payment with a payment card to a current account, at our ATMs;
  • through our internet or mobile application;
  • in the branch of our Bank, at Omladinskih brigada 88, 11070 Belgrade;
  • by standard money order at the counters of other banks in the country, the post office and payment institutions.

All information is available on the website If there are doubts or additional questions, we are available via email and at the number 063/9005.

Always there,
Yettel Bank