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The world of technology is exciting, rich and beautiful. A space where you can explore, discover and enjoy. However, for some it can seem quite complex and confusing. We live technology, but we love people more.

That’s why we joined forces and created a unique Yettel brand, which simply brings telecommunications and banking closer to you. As your partner in the world of technology and digital banking, we are here to adapt banking and technology to you. We strive to make them clear, intuitive, connected and secure.

Welcome to the big Yettel family!

Why Yettel Bank?

We start from the assumption that you enjoy solving everything online and on the go, that’s why we adapted our business to the concept of banking on the go.

Yettel Bank is the first true mobile and digital bank in the region, which is completely designed for you, and that’s why we always strive to provide you with unique offers on the market. We strive to make banking simple, secure and completely digital. Our products and services are completely transparent, with us there are no hidden costs or fine print.

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The real proof of that approach is our 5+ offer. You transfer a part of your earnings in the minimum amount of RSD 35,000 and there are no more fees for: maintaining an account, withdrawing money from an ATM of any bank, domestic transactions, paying abroad and international travel insurance. And for users of the Yettel network, we have prepared a real surprise!

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Also, our Cash loan for refinancing has a fixed and always the same interest rate of 9.95% and a repayment period of 70 months. You can also take additional cash, because the maximum loan amount is RSD 3,500,000. With this loan and conditions, you can turn back time and make new, better decisions!

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When you start Sight deposit in RSD with us, money is always at your disposal, and at the same time you save and increase your dinar savings month by month, with a total interest rate of 4.01%. Simple and with no minimum or maximum savings!

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