Declined transactions abroad announcement

We inform you that for every rejected transaction for payments by debit or credit card abroad, including internet payments, a charge of RSD 35 is foreseen.

Please note that the credit card fee is charged if the credit limit is activated after October 5, 2021. years.

We emphasize that the amount of the mentioned fee is in accordance with the actual costs incurred by the Bank on this basis.

We would like to ask you to familiarize yourself with the possible reasons for rejecting transactions, as well as with recommendations on how to avoid additional costs:

  • Internet payment channel turned off – we advise you to check whether your online payment channel is turned on before confirming the payment in the application
  • Insufficient funds in the account
  • The maximum number of card transactions has been reached – check the settings in the application, the Cards/Limits option
  • The card is blocked or inactive – check the status of the card through the application, in the Cards option
  • We draw particular attention to the recurring fee for subscription services – unsubscribe from the above subscription services directly at the merchant

Thank you for your cooperation and trust.