Innovative Approach That Makes a Difference

Your partner in digital banking.
Simple, transparent, responsible.

Tailored to You

We believe you love having your phone always at hand, which is why we have tailored our business to you through the concept of banking on the go. We offer you a truly different banking experience – completely mobile and digital. As your partner in digital banking, we are committed to making it simple, transparent and intuitive.

In all our communications, we strive to be as clear and precise as possible. It is important to us that you always and immediately understand everything, whether it relates to an offer, product or price. Our tariff catalog is the shortest on the market and when we present offers to you, there are no hidden costs or fine print. With us, the interest rate is always the same and fixed, NIR = EIR. A fair relationship with you is very important to us, and we want to always be transparent in every sense.

Our Advisors Are Here for You

For all questions and advice regarding loan and savings products, as well as our offers and services. They will help you and explain everything you are interested in about banking. They are waiting for you in more than 50 Yettel stores to create the best solution for you together. After creating the solution, our advisors remain available to you as everyday support in the financial world. We are aware of how important it is to have a trusted advisor who wants to help you and whom you can rely on.

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Part of the Yettel Family

We share a name because we share a mission – adapting technology and banking to you. Smart technology is no longer the future but our everyday life, and we bring it closer to you by using its best features.

The world of technology is exciting, rich, and beautiful. It’s a space where you can explore, discover, and enjoy. However, for some, it can seem quite complex and confusing. We live technology, but we love people more. We have joined forces and created a unique Yettel brand.

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